No Campfire S'mores




Introduction: No Campfire S'mores

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ever wanted to have s'mores and your parnets dont feel like making a fire or dont trust you with matches heres the solution

Step 1: Ingredients

2 large marshmellows
2 graham crackers
7 chocalate chips or if your like me more ;)
1 skewer
1 candle

Step 2:

ok put one marshmellow an the skewer and light the candle
now roast the marshmellow until its the way you like it
(this takes a bit longer than over a fire)
now repeat  with the other marshmellow

Step 3:

now put the 2 marshmellows on one cracker add your chocolate chips put the other cracker on top and enjoy



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    Though I love your determined attitude I am afraid the resulting marshmallow would taste like wax from the candle or if if was scented even worse. Have you tried one this way yet?

    3 replies

    i don't have a camera but anyway thanks for the correct spelling of marshmallows :)

    You need to take your own pictures, not source them off the internet.
    (And they're marshmallows)