No Measure Zipper Smart Pad Cover

Introduction: No Measure Zipper Smart Pad Cover

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Step 1: Size Does Matter.

have your zipper be 2 inches longer to accomodate an easy fit for a smart tablet. but this is for any size zip bag you'd like to create.

Step 2: 3-ply. a Must.

add another layer for protection, between your liner and your fabric that is going to be displayed on the outside for everyone to enjoy.

Step 3: How To:

Your zipper must be shorter than all 3 fabrics you use for this project. so line your fabrics together in order you want them, with the cushy fabric in the middle like a sandwich! remember to put the colorful printed side facing out, away from your middle 'invisible' layer that serves to protect the tablet from scratches. cut through all 3 layers at once to ensure they stay the same size and shape. cut them down to your smallest fabric, into a rectangle with no remaining fabric fringing past your cut.

Step 4: Basic Shape

notice that i eyed the zipper to have a little bit of room on both sides, this is especially good form if you have to shorten the zipper, to keep it secured into the cover bag.

Step 5: Shaved

spend some time getting all 3 pieces of fabric nice and perfectly square or rectangle. trim off any loose thread. they must be the same size and shape, and in the order you want with the liner and outside fabric face oppositely away from each other, faced out with filler fabric in between. Eyeball it but do not rush this step.

Step 6: Sew All 4 Sides, 3-ply Together Shut

thread a needle and loop it several times before you knot it. to keep your edges sharp corner-wise,

Step 7: Thread a Needle and Knot It

sew in a rectangular formation, all 4 sides, 3 plys together.

Step 8: Uh-oh I Made a Mistake

can you see what i did here? while the 3 ply panel is long enough- lengthwise, my cover isn't going to be deep enough, depth-wise to fit my tablet. this is what happens when you get distracted! lol im going to continue this example with 3 more different fabrics large enough to make a zippered tablet cover for my samsung galaxy product.

Step 9: 3 Ply

there is a white polar fleece microfiber invisible layer in between to act as padding and cushion your ipad or android.

Step 10: Center Your Zipper, Namaste...

sew very shallow close to the edge, do not sew pass more than halfway in proximity to the zipper track. this will keep fabric from getting caught as you zip open and close your tab cover.

Step 11: For Sturdier One-handed Zipping

pinches the ends of the zipper so they fold inside the bag, sew pinched ends exactly as you like them to look, this will make your zipper look more stylish and extend the shelf life with each zip, making it more secure and less likely to tear the fabric.

Step 12: Restructure

put a pillow inside or stuffing to even and uneven corners or sides. see how your tablet fits.

Step 13: Finished!

fold it over and tie it with a ribbon to make it more plush.

Step 14: Clutch Pad Holder

you go gurl.

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