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I've created a pair of magnetic Earrings. These are perfect for those that do not have, or do not wish to have their ears pierced. They actually were inspired by my 5 year old daughter. She wanted earrings, but I didn't want her to have her ears pierced, quite yet. My compromise, magnetic earrings. I have a supply of Neodymium Rare earth magnets that I thought would work great. (read about these magnets here.) These little suckers are strong, but tiny, perfect for keeping earrings on your ears. At first, I wasn't sure if the magnets would work with an ear lobe between them. But, then I learned that they were quite effective in keeping earrings in place. It's amazing.

If my Grammy was still around, I know she would love these. She didn't have her ears pierced, but always wore those clunky clip-ons. Those were fine for her, (everything she did was great) but does anyone wear those things anymore. Why not have a pair of earrings that actually look like you have pierced ears.

These earrings are not suitable for children under 3, as they could remove them easily, on their own and could be swallowed.

Step 1: The Supplies

You just need a few items to create your own pair of magnetic no pierce earings:

I noted some sources where you can find the supplies.

- flat back beads or gems or anything else you think would
make a nice earing. (it just needs a flat back)
Gem Show Online
Dreamtime Creations

- 4 neodymium magnets 3/16" or 1/4" in diameter
KJ Magnetics
Sedona - (ebay shop)

- super glue or other strong bonding glue

- clear disk earing backs - (see photo)
Earring Doctor

- tweezers

**my photo only shows 2 magnets, while my supply list states you need 4. This is because I was unable to have more than 2 magnets together in a photo without them attracting to each other and ruining the shot.**

Step 2: Attaching Magnets to Earring Fronts

The most important thing to remember and get right when making these earrings is to note the positive and negative sides of the magnets. If you attach them so that both positive or both negative sides of the magnets are to face each other, they will not work. This will make it so they push away from each other rather than attract. You can easily determine this by putting 2 magnets together and see what sides gravitate towards each other. If you try to force the two wrong sides together they will resist, making it impossible to put them together. Try it.

In this step we will only be working with the front of the earrings, the part you want people to see when you are wearing them. It doesn't matter which side of the magnet we attach now. We will be sure to use the correct, opposite side in the next step.

1. On a flat surface lay down 2 of the magnets. Be sure to place them far enough apart from each other so that they don't attract while you are trying to glue the earing parts to them. About 4 inches should be fine.

2. Add one drop of Super Glue to each magnet. One drop should cover most of the magnet surface.

3. With tweezers or your fingers place one of the flat back gems, (or whatever you are using for your earring fronts, on each of the magnets, flat side down on the glue. Be sure to center them on the magnets as much as possible. When making adjustments, work quickly as the glue dries fast.

4. Let them dry completely. 5 minutes is more than enough.

Step 3: Attach the Magnets to the Clear Disk Backings

In this step we will attach the magnets to the clear disk earring backs.
This step can be skipped, if you would like. Alternatively, the magnets work as backings, on
their own. I have found that using the disk backings make it easier to put on and take
off the earrings. Also, there is less of chance that you will lose the earring parts.

As mentioned previously, this is the crucial step in assuring your earrings are
made correctly. You will want to figure out the correct side of the magnet to use when
we attach them to the backings. Do this by holding a finished earing front (from the
previous step) in one hand. Take a magnet in your other hand and hold it
close to the earring front in the opposite hand and release the magnet, letting it attach itself to
the magnet on the earring front. Note which side attaches itself. You will glue the earring back to the opposite side.

1. Lay the side of the magnet, that attached itself to the earring front, down on a flat
surface. The opposite side should be facing up.

2. Add one drop of Super glue to the magnet.

3. Take a clear disk earring backing and lay the flat side down onto the glued side of the
magnet. (the same way we did with the fronts in the previous step) Center it on the magnet,
working quickly before the glue dries.

4. Repeat with the other backing. Be sure to test the second magnet with the other earring
front, as it may not be attached the same way as the first one was.

5. Allow both backings to dry completely.

Step 4: The Earrings Are Ready to Wear

Your earrings are complete, and ready to wear. Put them on almost like you would any pair of earings, placing the front part on the front of your earlobe. Then take the earring back and place it behind your earlobe. It will attach itself, magnetically.

Now that you see how easy they are to make, you can have many pairs.



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    18 Discussions


    6 years ago on Introduction

    The neo magnets do not technically explode, but if there is a scratch or crack in the finish, the insides will corrode until there is nothing left but the outside plating.
    That will certainly look like an explosion happened; but the effect is not violently quick.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    these are beautiful made them yesterday and wore them 4 1 hour and my ears are now completely sweled up and brused these are like roses look nice but r actually evil use on strong ears plz!!!!!
    no offence picturesoflilly


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Those are beautiful!  I'm looking to do something like this for my daughter.  What is the thickness of the magnets you used?


    11 years ago on Introduction

    I like the earrings and the idea in general, but the "magnet cautions" at KJ Magnetics is a little scary --- exploding shards ---yikes. Has anyone had this problem?

    1 reply

    I had a pair of earrings given to me once that were magnetic clip ons. I left them in a magnetic ring box, and forgot i had them. a few months later i opened the box to find... the magnets had exploded!!!! the earrings were ruined so i had to throw them out. I'd assume the plastic coated ones would be less likely to do that.....


    10 years ago on Introduction

    if you use a bigger magnet without jewelry attached, it looks like your ears are gauged.


    11 years ago on Step 4

    I have bought some magnets from htttp://, they seems to have same size magnets at much low price. John


    11 years ago on Introduction

    Very nice instructable. I would caution that it is very possible to acquire too strong a pair of magnets. And while very strong magnets are always useful (for other projects) the builder might want to get a sample of the magnets to test before purchasing them in bulk. Remember too that different folks have different pain thresholds. What would be okay for my daughter (destined to be Jack Bauer's much tougher replacement) would probably bring me to my knees.


    11 years ago on Introduction

    I wore two magnets around my lobe for around six hours once, mostly as a gag. I was just playing with a pile of them (and who doesn't) and stuck two around my earlobe. My (very young) daughters thought it was hilarious - dad is wearing earrings - and my wife thought it was bizarre and crossing some odd line so how could I not leave them on for a while. They can hurt a little with strong magnets, though lobes are pretty low on pain receptors the 3lbs pull ones I kept on pinched a bit. If metal contact is an issue (same as any skin to metal allergy, which do occur in pierced and non-pierced alike) put a dab of something neutral over like electrical tape, rubber spray, etc. It's useless to me, because I have no real desire to wear earrings and also sometimes stick a straight pin through my ear for a gag/party trick (not recommended as such - infection risks do exist) and all others who wish to wear them are pierced here. Still, a very good tip.


    11 years ago on Introduction

    Magnets, always with the magnets... This is a really good use of magnets, but do tell me whether there is any skin-irritation with prolonged use? L

    2 replies

    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    you know, i haven't had any problems yet, nor has my daughter. I can't see why they would irritate over time. If you are worried about pinching, that is not a problem at all. They hold well, but not so much you feel it.


    11 years ago on Introduction

    Well done nice instructable, great pix. I just bought 100 mags on Ebay. Thanks for sharing.


    11 years ago on Introduction

    my sister use magnetic earring for now two years, one or two by ears. she never, up to now, got problem with this. (don't tell it, but she are afraid of percing! lol!)


    thank you. I have purchased a pair of magnetic earrings, but we lost the magnet back, not soon after. It was so tiny. That is why I decided to make a pair that had an actual earring back on them, so we didn't lose them so easily.


    11 years ago on Introduction

    nice idea, we can buy them , but the pair you made for your kid are better!