Not Your Ordinary Duct Tape Purse

Introduction: Not Your Ordinary Duct Tape Purse

this duct tape purse is actually made from a regular purse pattern, it is a simple pattern that i figured would work well for duct tape.

this is my entry for the Gorilla Glue Make it Stick Contest so please vote for me!!!

this is my first instructable so bear with me.

Step 1: What You Need

you will need:

2 rolls of colored duct tape, one of each color, one will be the inside color and one will be  the outside color
1 permanent marker
printer to print pattern
copier to enlarge pattern

Step 2: Step 1 Making the Pattern

·Print out pattern

·Then for my copier-printer I folded in half and around the outside lines

·Enlarge to whatever size you want your purse to be, mine was 125% because I just wanted a small purse. The pattern actually calls for167%

·Make 2 copies

·Cut out the 2 halves of the pattern and tape them together, if you didn’t flip the pattern over on the copier then you will have to flip 1 copy over (you can transfer the lines to the other side if you need to with a pencil)

don't forget to cut out the rectangle, just poke your scissors through the paper carefully to cut it out

Step 3: Step 2 Making the Fabric

·You will need a large flat surface to work on, I just used the wooden floor of my computer room

·Mark your size out, lay the pattern on the surface vertical, use tiny pieces of duct tape to mark the tallest part that will be the middle

·Slide the pattern over so the shorter side is where you just marked, and add a little space and mark

·Now flip the pattern and do the same, this is the size of “fabric” you need

·I went horizontal first with green

·This is the tricky part, you need to put the strips sticky side up, you can just make them a little longer than you actually need and fold them under on the right and left so they don’t move that seems to work well.

·Now start in the middle and work your way up and down, and overlap the tape a little on each edge til you get to the outside markers that you put down

·Now we do the other side of the “fabric” by sticking the sticky side to the sticky side, for this layer you just go the other direction vertical

·Start in the middle with your other color, I used yellow, and work your way out to the right and left, and you should get a two sided piece of “fabric”

Step 4: Step 3 Marking the Pattern

·This step is very easy, now you just lay your pattern on your new “fabric” and mark it out

·I put mine on the right side first, and you go around the top, right, and bottom side, DO NOT mark the middle with the marker use a pencil to mark that middle line

·Then you just flip the pattern like you are turning the page of a book and match up the top line and bottom line and the pencil line for the middle, and proceed to go around the top, left, and bottom sides

·Don’t forget to mark the handle holes, you can use your scissors to poke through your pattern paperand cut out the rectangles

·Now you cut out your pattern, you just go around the outside, for the handles you want to cut an “X” so you can fold down the little points

Step 5: Step 4 Taping It Together

·First you get a little piece of your inside color tape, my inside is the yellow, you want it to be just long enough to fit the weird little cut out in the edge, now stick it on there

·Now fold over the edge pieces so they meet in the middle (I had to cut like a ¼ inch off the edges to make them fit together) and fold the little tape over them

·Now get a long strip of tape to go down that edge, make sure you hold them so the edges meet as you tape

·Now repeat with the other side

·Now for the handles, it helps to already have the tape cut to the right size, I just tear a piece to length then hold it and tear it longways down the middle to get skinny strips

·Now just fold down the points to the outside and tape them down, and repeat on all 4 points

·And do the other handle the same way

·Almost done!!!

·Now turn your purse inside out, and run a piece of tape down each side leaving a little extra over the corners, tape the extra down over the corners

·So there should be a gap in the tape on the bottom, now you just tear a piece of tape to connect the gap

·Flip over the purse and you are done!!!!

Step 6: Finished Purse

yay!!! now you have a cool purse

i am gonna try to make one out of juice packs next time to make it more sturdy.

i hope you like my instructable, and will vote for it for the contest

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