Notebook/laptop Stand From Psu/power Brick




A simple laptop stand that you typically carry around with you already. I wasn't able to find anybody else who did this after a 3-minute google and figured the idea might be worth sharing for other pathologically lazy/minimalist folks.

Equipment required: matching velcro strips with sticky sides.

Maybe this has the dubious honor of being the simplest and most dodgy stand out there.

I have no issues regarding sturdiness. There is some slight give on the back corners if you push down hard/rest your hands there. I don't do that much.

The laptop is a 15.4" lenovo t61p and weighs just under 3kg (6.5lbs). I have no idea how this would work for larger/heavier laptops (or differently sized power bricks) so use with caution.

Be aware that if the PSU touches the battery (as in mine) it will warm the battery. Heat is known to shorten li-ion battery life. I have no empirical results as to how much this may effect it. Hopefully not much, most heat seems to be radiated from the flat sides.

Halves (or worse) the effective length of your power cable.

If you do wind up the remainder of your cable, note that making it excessively tight (particularly around the plug/connector ends) will put strain on your cable and cause it to die prematurely. PSU's are expensive.

Obviously only really useful for traditional brick psu's so if you have a mac book you will have to prop it up with your double soy mocha instead.



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    10 years ago on Introduction

    I agreed with IronSmiter, adding a stand will add air circulation underneath so it will help the laptop cooling down. But long hour usage PSU WILL get hot so your laptop might not be happy


    10 years ago on Introduction

    Nice idea there. I wonder though, does it HELP or HINDER the PSU? My IMB laptop HAS to have the space, or it overheats... but the PSU runs pretty darn hot too. ;-( i wonder if this wouldn't shorten the lifespan of the psu, as the airflow from the TINY laptop fans can't do much, if anything for it.


    10 years ago on Introduction

    So darn smart!!!! THANK YOU!!! VERY MUCH!! It's just so, ingenious.... -gamer