Origami Pikachu

Introduction: Origami Pikachu

About: hi my name is Shawn and u may already know that i hav a profile name sf7350060 ,but now im making origami

hi I am making pikachu in origami please leave a like if u do or not

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Step 1: Paper Balloon

have black two squares on top at the corners draw the eyes in the middle of the paper then cheeks under the eyes and turn upside down and make a m on top of the eyes(upside down) then a line between the eyes and cheek. Now turn it back over and fold the half down to the other one then do it like it says on a paper balloons sorry now were on the triangle fold the two bottom points and fold to the top point and do it back side and then fold the left triangle and right triangle go to the middle of the line

Step 2: Belly

not the black triangle but the yellow two right side triangles down

Step 3: Ears

ok now take the other two and make a triangle then it should have black side of and yellow side on the paper

Step 4: Finish

blow into it and on the top with the two triangles tape on the top

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    my son makes those little boxes all the time. now I can throw one back at him with a pikachu face on it.......