NuPROTO Hand Soap Saver Attachements

Introduction: NuPROTO Hand Soap Saver Attachements

Ok My wife loves scented hand soaps from bath and body works.. She loves the candles too but that is a different story that i dont want to get into.. 

Anyways these hand soaps arent very cheap.. the pumps are extremely wasteful as you can see in one of my pics.. as a matter of fact i  believe the manufacturers intentionally designed the pumps to waste a lot of soap in purpose..The more soap you waste the more you buy right?

My wife is pretty good about pumping just enough soap to wash her hands.. I however, i dont always pay attention and end up with a dollar or two of soap in my hands.. 

So When my little niece visited for a couple of days.. i found that these soap dispensers aren't kid friendly at ALL.. in 3 days she used up half the bottle.. 

Step 1: 3d Modeland Rapid Prototype

So i went into my office.. .. designed a cool little fix for this hand soap problem.. 3d modeled a small prototype and 3d printed it.. and voila!! problem fixed

This nuPROTO hand soap attachement goes underneath the soap dispenser and around the tube.. this prevents the pump to go much further down that it needs to and decorates it with our 3d printed nuPROTO logo.. it gives you enough soap to wash your hand and if you need more.. you pump twice!!

This will save you a lot of green.. less soap and less waste is also green.. so now you can enjoy your nice scented soaps.. without worrying about your kids, visitors or yourself wasting money down the drain!!!

Step 2: Test, Test and Reprint and Finalize

it was a little hard to get the attachment around the tube.. so i had to cut it down to give it a bigger opening... In order to fix one of them.. i cut the prototype with an exacto knife.. and then i modified the model for the soap dispenser in the kitchen.. then printed another one.. and voila!! it works!!

Step 3: Give It to the World!!

Ok i usually don't like to give out my inventions out for free.. i actually prefer that you buy my 3d prints at my online store

but this time i'm giving the file out for free in thingiverse

i just ask that you please vote for me, promote this page and/or tell your friends about my prototyping company.


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