Nurse Hackum With Her Ripped Apart Patent




this is my creation.I saw this wonderful chest cavity on a lawn prop and thought to myself that I just had to make it into a costume. I was going to be a mad doctor with my wacked out nurse and a torn apart patent on a  gurnee. it  was going to be 100% prop with everything moving by controls off the handle thats why the mask on the early photos,but my girl friend said what of they don't consider it part on my costume because it wasn't really connected to me. it got me wondering and I didn't want to take that chance so I scraped the mad doctor & gutted patent with wacked out nurse. instead I was going to be the ripped apart patent of the wacked out nurse and thats how the idea came to me. the right foot kicks by kicking a control underneath the gurnee, there is a severed heart in a stainless steel dish that beat life like (one side moves then the other) it also spurts blood by control underneath gurnee, there is the severed hand that moves as well by control underneath the gurnee. and it has a fogging system the the fog disperses evenly out of the bottom of all sides of the gurnee. one of my hands are up top and the other one underneath to opperate the controls. it doesn't  need to be pushed either. it can move fred flinestone style. I won thousands of dollars with it and people think I'm a professional actor/FX



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    5 years ago

    This is awesome, where did you get the prop for the body