Office Fight Blowgun





Introduction: Office Fight Blowgun

About: I like supersmash and like to make knex guns in my spare time and i play videogames and my favorite cadigory is shooter.

I had an old sugar tube and made it into a blow gun.Good for office fights. By reading on or makeing anything you agree that its not my fault if you or someone else is severely hurt or dead.Ha now you can't sue me. The second pic. shows where I got it from.

Step 1: Gather Matiereals

what you need:
scotch tape
thumb tacks
q tips
old sugar tube. like the one's from Disneyland.

Step 2: Main Weapon

Cut off the end of the sugar tube so their is about 4-5 inches left and wrap around with duct tape to strenghten it.

Step 3: Ammo

Pic .1 Finished ammo.
Pic.2 Get a thumb tack.
pic.3 Get a q-tip and pull both of the cotten sides off.
Pic 4 Take some scotch tape and put the cotten on the top of it like in the picture.
Pic 5-6. Put tape on the edge of the thumb tack and pinch so it goes around with the cotten sticking out.

Step 4: Fireing

Put the dart in.(front faceing out of the barrel).Slightly suck in so the ammo is near the yellow.
Suck alot of air in and BLOW!!!



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    13 Discussions

    i like the concept but you know you could hae been more, well, have more instructions

    1 reply

    pics are fuzzy and could have had more instructions but like ich said it was a good concept


    11 years ago

    whats a sugar tube and... i love the name!

    2 replies

    I think he's talking about pixie sticks...

    He kid of is talking about pixie sticks. You can go and buy these tubes of pixie-stick powder, but you get to fill up a tube full of whatever flavours you want. They sell em at Disney land and other tourist traps. A bix pixie stick would work to I bet.

    yea. You could also use pvc pipe that fits a thumb tack. It should be 5-4 in. long.

    no i think its one of those things that have the big machines with different flavors and you get to pick and choose what you want. And the instructable could use more 'instructing' and les 'check these pics' but i was able to make it and it waz awesome!!!

    Oh, I thought this was a 6 foot blow gun. Lol.