Office Supply Crossbow Trigger W/ Safety

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This is not an Instructable about how to build an office supply crossbow. This is a trigger upgrade to legalize_it's great office crossbow design. Before I start this is my first instructable so please excuse any mistakes.

Step 1: The Part List

This list is simple and to the point.

1. An office supply if this needs to be said.
2. One more clothes pin
7.metal wire cutting pliars

Step 2: Take Apart the Clothes Pin

Once you have taken apart the clothes pin you will have a spring and  two halves. All you need is one side of the clothes pin and the spring. The spring will be the bolt that locks and what pushes the projectile out. so to modify it you need a pair of pliars that can cut wire. On the spring you will notice two 90 degree angle bends that held on the sides of the clothes pin. you will just need to cut down one of the bent sides to about 1 or 2mm.

now you must thread your rubber band through the spiral of the spring. What i did was lay over the end of the rubberband and stuck a toothpick through it. This really isnt hard at all.

Step 3: Cutting Down Side of Clothes Pin

Now take one of your clothes pin sides. draw a line just past the groove where the spring used to sit. You should have the line on the side that pinches stuff. you must cut this off without ruining the gap.

Step 4: Attaching the Latch

Now we take that piece of clothes pin you cut off and we will glue it to our crossbow. you take the end with the gap we saved and butt it up against the back end of the crossbow. There now should be a small gap. this is what we want.

Step 5: Good Hunting

The way this works when you pull back the bow and when you lock the big end of the spring in it you have turned the safety on. When only the little end is attached it is cocked and ready to fire. You hold the crossbow in your left hand and use your finger nail to gently pull the end out until.....It fires ...

you will need to modify your ammunition to fit the round part of the spring.

                                                     Good Hunting,


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    Capt. KiddFrozenIce

    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    ey me too!

    Cool instructable, but it's not a true crossbow unless the bow bends instead of the rubber bands.