Offroad 4x4truck





Introduction: Offroad 4x4truck

here it is the first super scaler

Step 1: Front End

i show you how to build each part for the specific reigon in this step i show how to build the bulk for the front end

Step 2: Mid Section

Step 3: Rear

Step 4: Suspension

the suspension on this model is switchable simply attach the axels on in the other direction

Step 5: Putting It Together

Step 6: Put on Roof



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    its been a while since ive built and ive been thinking of new ideas btw does anyone play little big planet, gta4, or battle feild 1943 on playstation 3? if so freind request me at cbjslapshot61 really need people to play against

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     I built it, and turned it into a crazy cool ford bronco.

    pretty cool though I do think you should make a steering wheel