Old Audio Tapes Into Awesome Halloween Decorations




Introduction: Old Audio Tapes Into Awesome Halloween Decorations

In this instructable I will teach you how to re-use those old tapes that you don't listen to into the best Halloween decorations ever.

Step 1: Materials

The items you will need for this project are as following:
-An old (or new) audio cassette
-scotch tape
-glue stick
-markers,crayons,pencils, etc...
-small Phillips head screw driver
-spray paint (optional but highly recommended)

Step 2: Rewind Your Tape

Rewinding your tape will make it easier to remove the contents later.

Step 3: Open the Case

To open the case remove the five screws and lift off cap.

Step 4: Remove All Contents

Once opened your tape will look something like this...
Remove ALL the contents

Step 5: Spray Paint

Use black (or any other color spray paint) on one of the covers of the tape.

Note :be sure to cover little clear window with masking tape if you don't want it covered over.

Step 6: Prepare for Creativity

Cover the two holes and window by taping a rectangular piece of paper over top of them.

Step 7: Add Hair, Teeth, Horns... Whatever...

If you'd like you can add another small rectangular piece of paper to where the cassette player used to read the "film" so that you can add hair, teeth, horns or whatever you'd like.

Step 8: Replace Screws...

Replace second half of and tape and replace the screws.

Once all the screws have been replaced it should look like the second picture.

Step 9: Imagination...

Now let you imagination fly...

Here is what some of mine looked like once they were done...



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    12 Discussions

    I used the tape from some old cassets as streamer things... you can use everything.

    I don't know how I feel about this one, it kind of seems like you really didn't take it to the next level with decorating the little creature guy. I like the overall idea though, very good usage of old stuff and cool application. :)

    what you should do to add onto it is take little 2inch or so pieces of the black tape that is inside the cassettes and wedge them into the crap at the top to make wild hair :P

    1 reply

    I like it, its thinking "outside the box" you could probably hang it somewhere using the actual tape inside, or go with mark92's idea

    This one belongs in the #2 nick-nack drawer that serious hoarder's usually have?

    when i first looked at the title i thought you were going to do something with the actual tape inside the cassette. maybe i'll try it All in all Good instructable