Old Can Flower Pot

Introduction: Old Can Flower Pot

this is a great way to, reuse an old can that may be sitting

in your back yard ,when it won't burn.

Step 1: Get Your Materials

  • spray paint (black)
  • old can
  • (optional) shovel
  • flowers
  • potting soil(1 hand full)
  • (optional) lava rock
  • container
  • acrylic paint

Step 2: (optional Step)get Lose Dirt Off Flowers

thats exactly it,

but if they're store bought there's no need to.

Step 3: Mix in Potting Soil

move dirt to other container, and mix with potting soil.

Step 4: Paint

yup, paint away! ;).

spray paint it . let it dry .decorate.

Step 5: Plant

plant flowers, and if you wish cover soil with lava rock.

Step 6: Finish Up

Step 7:

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