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Introduction: Old Dvd / Soldering Station

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i recently found this instructables website an after looking at all the cool stuff on here i decided to create my own instructables. the idea came when i was trying to create a joule thief circuit which i found on this website and i needed to solder the parts together from in my living room. i saw a lot of cool soldering stations and i came up with this one...

Step 1: Getting the Parts

i had a dvd player which don't work anymore so i took out all the parts and used the shell for my instructable.
first i measured my two soldering irons in the cover and marked it all around.

Step 2: Cutting All Parts

the cover and the front and back of the player was measured and cut to size with a hacksaw.
the bottom part of the player already had a bend on one side so i bend the opposite end and cut to size.
the cover and the back of the player was slidded into each other and screwed together.
the front piece of the player was plastic and the piece with the knobs was cut away from the end, the end was then hot glued back to the longer piece to make the front look original.

Step 3: Creating the Door

the cover was shaped to the size needed and the bottom part was shaped to fit which will be the door, keeping an original look of the player.
i found some hinges and a old cupboard lock around the house, i screwed the hinges on one side and the lock to the opposite side of the player.

Step 4: Almost Done

i put all parts together and test the opening and closing of the player door.
i added a piece of vinyl material inside to hide where parts were joined.

Step 5: Work Station

i made a holder for my solder iron from a steel hanger and put two screws to hold it in place.
i solder in some helping hands also and added some carbon fiber vinyl to the outside to hide where joins were made.

Step 6: The Finished Product

i added a digital made sticker of my initials to the front.
so basically i cut down the sides and raised the the bottom part to fit my solder irons and created a solder station. thats my instructable, thanks to everyone who instructable gave me this idea.......

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