Olive Penguin




Introduction: Olive Penguin

here is a step by step project that makes awesome party treats take a look

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Step 1: What You Need

- Cream cheese block cut into thirds
- Carrots
- Jumbo Olives
- Small or medium olives
- Tooth picks
- red bell pepper

Step 2: Cheese Ball

make your favorite cheese ball recipe and put it in a bowl filled with plastic wrap

Step 3: Cheese Ball 2

press the ball down well to make sure there are no air pockets so the igloo will be smooth, then wrap it in the plastic wrap

Step 4: Cheese Ball 3

take the cheese ball out of the bowl and turn it over then smooth the rounded side with your hand

Step 5: Penguins

make a vertical slit in one of the Jumbo olives , this will be the body , which you will stuff with cream cheese. (You’ll use 1/3 of the block to stuff penguins. Save the rest for “icing” the igloo.)

Step 6: Penguins 2

now stuff the olives with cream cheese

Step 7: Penguins 3

smooth ot the cream cheese

Step 8: Penguins 4

wipe off the excess with a damp cloth

Step 9: Penguins 5

Set the body on a carrot slice with a notch cut out. You’ll use the notch for the penguin’s beak, so don’t pop it into your mouth. 

Step 10: Penguins 6

Now, take one of the smaller olives and cut a horizontal slit where you will put the beak

Step 11: Penguins 7

Jam the beak into the slit

Step 12: Penguins 8

Next, stab a toothpick through the body into the carrot and set the head on top

Step 13: Santa Hat

to make the santa hat, cut a side off the red bell pepper and make a straight edge for the bottom of the hat.

Step 14: Santa Hat 2

Cut out the hat in a size that will fit atop your penguin.

Step 15: Igloo

Your cheese ball should be chilled by now, so turn it out onto a platter and scoop out an entry way.

Step 16: Igloo 2

Beat 1/3 of the cream cheese block and 1-2 Tbsp of milk until creamy.

Step 17: Igloo 3

Use the mixture to “ice” the igloo

Step 18: Igloo 4

Use the final 1/3 of the cream cheese block to make the ice blocks around the igloo entrance.

Step 19: Igloo 5

Drag a toothpick to make block marks in the icing

Step 20: Finally Your Done

now enjoy your treat

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    Before anyone complains... There is ice in Antarctica, so a penguin could make an igloo if he/she wanted to. And it's just food - if a marshmallow polar bear wandered in that would be cool (pun intended).