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The ombré trend has stolen my heart this year as it has with so many of you I am sure. I can't resist the subtleness of it, so bohemian and soft. I bought some Rit dye and had fun experimenting with a few projects and came away with this easy infinity scarf using only dye and an XL white t-shirt. It's really the perfect piece to add to your winter wardrobe and as the weather starts to warm up it will take you right into spring. Here is what I did:


Rit dye - I used liquid
rubber gloves
XL white t-shirt
bowl for dying

I followed the directions on the dye bottle and used a bowl in the kitchen sink. It worked perfectly and made it easy to control. I do recommend gloves though so that your hands aren't blue for days.

I then just dipped one half of the shirt into the dye going crosswise not up and down and let it sit for about ten minutes then nudged a little more of the shirt into the dye bath giving it a few minutes again. I then lowered the rest of the shirt into the dye bath for just a quick dip, removed it all from the bowl and then rinsed the shirt out until the water ran clear.

I set the shirt out to dry in the sun and then went ahead and ran it through the wash to get any excess dye out.

Now all that was left to do was to cut off the bottom hem of the shirt and then the top. Make your cut pretty wide and stretch the long tube of fabric out until there is no tomorrow.

See that, easy as pie really.

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    I love this. I'm going to make one tomorrow! Did you make the flower? if so, can you do the instructions for that? thanks for sharing!!