Onbeat-200 Unassembly and Usb Port Repair




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So the deal is that my friend brought me this portable bluetooth speaker with cracked micro usb port. I thought it woul be better to replace it with mini usb so it wouldn't break so easily (and also because i didn't have any micro usb connectors)

Step 1: Where to Start

so, first step is to remove speaker grills from both sides of the speaker. Use needle or some tool similiar which can fit to the holes and lift it so you can get a screwdrivet under it. Then just go around with screwdriver and those should come out pretty easily.

Step 2: The Next Step

Now it should look like in the photos above. Remove all the screws and take off the plastic part shown in the picture. Then the rubber casing should come of easily.

Step 3: Meet the Circuit Board

on top you'll see the panel with buttons like shown above. remove the screws from it. Take it off and you'll see the circuit board. take off the tape running around the speaker.

Step 4: Opening It Up

Then take off the screws in the corners (first picture) not the ones keeping the speakers on place, and you should end up with something like in second picture.

Step 5: Finding the Issue

Now this red box is the thing we are interested in. Unscrew it and try to take it off gently. It has some glue in it so it might be little harder to take off. In my case I was little violent and it got little damaged. After that you'll see the circuit board and the connectors. Unscrew the circuit board and take it off.

Step 6: Connector Installation

now in the circuit board, take off the old usb connector gentu by soldering, then solder the new connector to its place. you dont have to care about the middle pins on the connector, only the left and right and the connector case.If you look carefully you'll see that there is only two connection areas on the board, one for ground and one for voltage. Because pinouts of micro-usb and mini-usb are the same, you can solder it straihgt to its place. mini-usb is silght bigger than micro-usb but it will fit. just check that the right pin is connected to its place. the most left pin is not so important, it should just be attached to ground with the connector case. Make sure that there is no connection between ground and the voltage. The case should be solder well to the circuitboard becouse it will keep it on place.

If you use mini-usb instead of micro usb you'll have to make slight changes to the speaker casing (third pic). I made my with shap knive but you can use dremel or something like that.

Step 7: Put It Back Together

then screw it all bac together and it's done. You should put the tape around it like it was in a first place and try to keep it as irtight as possible, it has an effect to the sound, especially bass tones.

Thanks for viewing I hope this was useful. Please leave feedback so I can improve my skills and make better instructions for you.



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    9 Discussions


    1 year ago


    I have one of these speakers but the battery is useless, only gives me about 2 hour playback. Is it poss to replace the battery and can you indicate its whereabouts, please, or any suggestions to improve the playback life?



    2 replies

    Reply 1 year ago

    From this photo you can see the location of the Li-Po battery. You could propably replace that but do your own research when choosing the replacement cell. I think most of them work the same way if the voltage markings are the same, but I'm not an expert.

    If you don't want to open up your speaker you could always use a portable power bank with it:)


    Reply 1 year ago

    Thanks for your help, hadnt thought of a powerpack, will go that route first.



    2 years ago

    Hi !

    Sorry to dig up the post almost two years after the publish but, I would like to know where you ordered the small circuit board. If you have a link or a name it will be higtly apreciated.

    Thank you.


    3 replies

    Reply 2 years ago

    Do you mean the board with the usb-connector in it? I didn't order a new one but just soldered the new connector to the place of the old connector. I don't know if you can find those circuit boards anywhere. Good luck with your speaker.


    Reply 2 years ago


    i just wanted to know where u got the replacement part from. did u refurbish it from something else or was it bought?


    Reply 2 years ago

    The USB connector wasoriginaly taken from old digital camera but I think most of them are pretty standard size so you can bropably buy one too.