One Hand Bottle Opener




Introduction: One Hand Bottle Opener

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This bottle opener works better than any other bottle opener I know.

Step 1: Cut a Piece of Scrap Wood

the dimension doesn't matter

Step 2: Round the Edges

if you don't have a router, use sandaper

Step 3: Cut It in Length

ca. 10cm

Step 4: Drill a Hole

to avoid splintering

Step 5: Sanding

sanding, sanding ...

Step 6: Nailing

a nail with a big head works better

Step 7: Open Your Bottle

The secret is to push it down, instead of pulling

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11 Discussions

Thanks! I did it and it works better. Congrats for the idea

it was too dangerous what you did with the router. don't you worry about your fingers?

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Beautiful in its simplicity! I like the nail...ever try to pull a nail out?

That is beautifully simple! Seems like the nail would get pulled out over time. Maybe a screw instead?

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