One String Playable Canjo




Introduction: One String Playable Canjo

About: curious french guy.....

I like those one string guitars or can ukuleles, so I decided to make two for my kids.

only need:
- a piece of wood  (around 50cm long, not to large or thick)
- a drill
- nuts and bolts
- ukulele peg and string
- a can (better chose a nice one....)

Step 1: Set the Can in Place

drill holes in the wooden part (one hole between each third of the can's length)
then mark the can to drill it at the same points.

nuts, bolts, and it is assembled....

Step 2: Peg

drill a hole the diameter of the peg you got on ebay for 1 dollar....and screw it at the end of the neck....

Step 3: The String...

drill a small hole in the bottom of the can, your string will pass trough it.

I chose to use the classic surgeon knot to tie the string around a nut and passed it through a dowel to avoid damage in the bottom of the well.

tie the other end of the string to the peg, set it to the desired tune, and strum!!!!!!!!!!

Step 4: Happy Strumming!!!

very solid, cheap, very funny, thanks to the firsts instructables that gave me that idea!!!

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    6 Discussions

    The Awesome Inventor

    Great Instructable! If anyone is looking for a cheap alternative for a guitar string, use DENTAL FLOSS! Just wind a few lengths of cord together and your done! I've already made a few guitar strings and it works great on my canjo!


    4 years ago

    This is an awesome idea, I am going to try this right now, thanks for the great idea! Cheers!


    5 years ago

    I love this. I'm making a 4 string tenor canjo for myself right now but i wanted to make some extra single stringers for my preschooler and her friends.


    5 years ago on Introduction

    how did you hold the screw while you tighten the wingnut


    Reply 5 years ago

    Alternatively, you could use an angled screwdriver.

    louis perichon
    louis perichon

    5 years ago

    Well... With my finger..... When it's tight enough, it holds itself and I could block it.....