Operration Princes Palace




Intro: Operration Princes Palace

I wasn't the head of this operation. But it's just too good to leave the april fools contest without it.

Step 1: Preparation

- buy a lot of pink things and glittering

- make shure that the victim is out, on target evening

- set a spy at the victims "date"

- invite all friends

- make templates of sweet animals or similar (to draw it with a beamer on the wall)

Step 2: Execution

- get in contact with your spy

- clear up the target and start action

- drink beer

- painting, drawing, glitter, be creative



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    Anred ZynchNOODLE!

    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    We wanted to record it with a webcam. But sadly he pull the plug and this destroy the file. :(
    But actually he was happy about it.