Origami Floating Steamboat

Introduction: Origami Floating Steamboat

About: I like building mechs, especially for MFZ, and im a gamer and a dancer.

this is a steamboat ive been taught from my friend very easy to make ....and it floats!WARNING!!!!!!!READ STEPS BEFORE FOLLOWING PIUCTURES SO YOU WONT ASK HOW TO MAKE THIS OR THAT LATER!!!

Step 1:

here are steps
pic 1.get a peice of paper,preferably colored
pic 2flip over and crease as shown.
pic3.fold the 4 corners to the center
pic 4 flip over
pic 5 fold all corners to center again
pic 6flip over(again)
pic 7fold corners in center(again)
pic 8 flip over one more time

Step 2:

pic1 open one of the flaps or "slits" in the small scuares and flattern
pic 2should look like this
pic3 do the same to the other one
pic 4 pull the other 2 triangles outward so that the bottom of the boat starts folding down but the reactangles stay up
pic 5 flattern and crease
pic 6 DONE! now you have your own steamboat! now name it and start sailin!

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