Over Sink Pot Rack

Introduction: Over Sink Pot Rack

Was tired of a cabinet a mess from pots and pans, always disorganized once the kids were done putting them away.

I wanted an overhead pot rack but, there is no place to put one i have a large ceiling fan over my table, anywhere else, heads would be bumped. I looked on the net for something I could hang over my sink out of the way. Everything I found I did not want to pay for. (cheap) I said the hell with it I will make my own!

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Step 1: Quick Stop at Home Improvement Store

I went to the store this morning knew I wanted a few pieces of lumber and some hooks, to hang the pots on.

I settled for a four pack of 2"x2"x8' furring strips $6 and a six pack of 1"x2"x8' furring strips $7.32 and a package of screw hooks 6x3 3/8 20ct. $6.58. Like I said before cheap! I used one 2x2 and one 1x2 the others will get used I am sure, I am as of recently a home owner!

I measured the space between my cabinets and started from there. I cut the 2x2 then 45ed the 1x2 held it next to the 2x2 so I knew where the other 45 should go and penciled. I cut nine pieces like this partial triangles. I put four together on my work bench and formed a square and put the end of my 2x2 in to check the fit. Success! They will frame out the 2x2 nicely. Make everything look less cheesy.

I also put hook into the 2x2 I knew it would be hard once it was installed. I started by hand and used a pair of large pliers to finish, I am sure a pre-drilled hole would have mad it easier but, not only am I cheap I am kinda lazy in some weird ways, and truthfully didn't think of it at the time.

Step 2: Assembly

I started with the top one got it where I liked it and poped a nail in it. Once I had 3 up I knew close enough where center would be and pre-drilled a hole into the cabinet. (if done again I would have left the side one off instead of the bottom) I used white glue to glue the frame pieces together but, not to the wall 1 nail in each.

I completed 1 frame then stuck the end of the 2x2 with hooks in and raised into the other 3/4 frame. Put the last piece in place, and put a nail into it. From there I opened the cabinets and put a 3.75" screw into my pre-drilled hole and into the the 2x2. I did all this inside of an hour I only used my measuring tape once. I know they are not perfect by any-means, It was a rush job that came out well enough for me.

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    I like this! Very simple, but perfect for what you needed.

    Great first instructable too--I hope you share more of your projects here!