Paint British Flag on Airsoft Unit

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assalamu'alaikum . hello people

i paint a british flag on airsoft unit . and i call it ( british punk )

ol lets START

Step 1: Choose

- choose a part you want to paint

- and disassemble the part you've been choosen

- apply a light sand paper to part you want to paint

Step 2: Apply Red Colour

- first . use duck tape (paper) to cover a part you want to stay black

- apply red colour into the part you want to paint

- wait until dry

Step 3:

- after dry enough , now use duck tape to cover red colour like british flag

Step 4: Apply White Colours

- now spray white colours to body

- and wait until dry

Step 5: Make a White Line

- cover white colour with duck tape . don't forget apply duck tape near red line like british flag

- ready to next step

Step 6: Make It Blue

- ok . now paint it with blue colour

- as always . wait until dry

Step 7: Gather All Part

- if done . release all duck tape slowly

- now assemble all part of that unit

- and you got eyegasm .. hehehe

Step 8: Apply Matte Coat

- if you're done , now apply matte clear .

- apply it at least 3 time

- wait until dry

Step 9: Other Part

- im also apply on front sight and flash hider

- apply it with small brush

- if you don't like . just skip it :)

Step 10: Sexy Legs

- i paint too on my bipod

- use same method like last step

Step 11: And You're DONE

- and now . go out and play to make some fun personalization



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    4 years ago on Introduction

    Awesome! Thanks for the real instructable, Yagi Attaroqi.