Painting Onto a Bouncy Castle




Introduction: Painting Onto a Bouncy Castle

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ok, so a friend of mine owns a bouncy castle hire company and got a huge discount on a castle because the artwork was, how should i put it, not up to scratch. she had seen pieces that id put on facebook and asked if i could sort out the castle for her. i thought id record the process in this instructable.

Step 1: Tools and Materials

Prep work:
-print out of desired image
-roll of backing paper

Removing the old:
-cellulose thinner
-lots of cloths/rags
-lots of patience

-hot soapy water
-premade stencils
-soft chalk

-pvc paints
-brushes of various sizes
-pots for holding/mixing paints
-more clothes and thinner

Step 2: Prep Work

ok, so to make the stencils i edited the picture of anna on the computer and broke it down into smaller pieces ie head, hair, arm, pigtails ect and then printing them off.
i then drew a 1 cm square grid onto the paper. i also used my roll of backing paper (normally used fir wallpapering) and cut 3 pieces 2.5 times bigger tyan an A4sheet of paper and drew on grids of 2.5cm.
i then used these grids to help me enlarge the image and then cut out the peices.

Step 3: Removing the Old

the old picture on the castle not only looked terrible but was starting to crack, i put small amounts of the thinner onto a cloth (neat) and started wiping away the old artwork. it took hours, and used a lot of cloths and a lot of the thinner but I got it all off eventually, i left the snow flakes as they were ok.
after all that work i washed the surface with hot soapy water several times, letting it dry fully each time to get rid of any residue from the thinner.

Step 4: Stenciling

in this step i used the premade stencils and started chalking on my outlines, i had to redo this a couple of times to get it centred, at the correct height ect and i also had to adjust a few of the stencils to make the image look right, but i think it went ok.
after i was happy with the image, i went over my chalk lines with black pvc paint (my friend got it from a boumcy castle specialist shop, i dont know if there is a cheaper alternative)

Step 5: Painting

this is the fun part (in my opinion),
first i blocked in the base colours, then i added highlights and shadows.
after that i redid my outlines and retouched the snowflakes.

Step 6: Finishing Up

to finish up i added the floral details to annas dress. the images show what it should look like, what it did look like and what it looks like now.

Step 7: Extras

because its for a friend (and also im getting paid) i used the black.amd.the white paints to retouch the other artwork on the castle, i didnt do amy of the colours as it would be difficult to mix a good colour match.

hope you enjoyed this instructable



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    4 Discussions

    Hope you get a chance to read this, 3 years on from your posting. How did it hold up over time? It must take a lot of punishment being inflated, deflated and moved so much. Do you know the type and brand of the paint? I'm thinking I could use it to paint cables, which would crack with most paints.

    Awesome painting. The new Elsa looks 1000x better than the old one.

    Anyways voted for you. GL.

    Nice work! That looks tricky painting on a curved, squishy surface like that. You did well!