Pallet Bed Frame.





Introduction: Pallet Bed Frame.

So I started with getting some
pallets to see what that looked like. I wasn't impressed. but some advice try to get pallets that are alike or the fit together well I had to play Tetris with mine. I picked mine up at this recycling center in town. I then went to menards picked up 3-1x12x8s and 3-1x10x8 s. the 1x10s went around the out side of the pallets and the 1x12s went on top of the exposed pallets. I cut the corners diagonally just cuz I think it looks alil better but your choicem

Step 1: Stack Pallets

pretty self explanatory.

Step 2: 1x10x8

I measured the pallets an cut the 1x10x8s to fit around the outside.

Step 3: Top Pieces

I used the 1x12x8s for the top pieces that get over lapped by the mattress. I cut the corners at a 90 degree angle. by measuring out a 1 foot square an cut from corner to corner. alil sloppy but I didnt have a triangle.

Step 4: Finishing Touches.

I used 2 inch dry wall screws to mount it all to the pallets, an some cherry oak stain from wally world. an thats it. Im now thinking of doings some mini night stands on the side. pondering an small headboard. if I do anything eles ill update. thanks.

Step 5:



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    2 years ago

    This is one of the simplest explanations I have seen,thank you so much. I am moving and refuse to pay for new furniture,this will save me so much money.

    I like it, very nice job Budy. Im going to make something inspiring from your job!!! Thank!


    Job well done.