Pallet Cabnet With Shelf




Introduction: Pallet Cabnet With Shelf

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recycled pallet cabnet

Step 1: The Frame

Firstly i had to build the frame. This is the skeleton of the cabnet. Once this step has been done its just a matter covering it with panels.
I used the timber pallets to work out the hieght of the cabnet. then i roughly worked out the width and depth to my likeing.

Step 2: Cladding the Cabnet

Once i had the frame done, i started to fill in around the cabnet with pallets.

Step 3: Stain and Gloss

once all sides have been covered i then built a shelf. This is three quarters up the cabnet. then i lightly stained to take out some of the yellow in the pine pallets.

Step 4: The Finished Product

The final outcome.



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    Love your project... I think it's the right balance of rustic and functional and it looks awesome. I love working with pallet as well. Thanks for the great ible

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    2 years ago

    Seriously who cares about your spelling. I am a word freak normally but, I am not here for a spelling critique, I am here because I love your work. that shelf would look amazing next to my reclaimed wood table that I paid a ridiculous amount of money for. It is actually stained VERY lightly red white and blueish grey. I would love to see a sideboard/ serving area or hutch ( no glass or doors needed) to go along with it. How would you go about creating something like 2-3 times the length and like 2 sections high and with the upper section a little less wide than the bottom section. Sorry to pick your brain and I don't mean to give orders but you've got my creative juices flowing. I love this kind of stuff but don't know how to do it on my own. please feel free to tell me to go jump in a lake.

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    i didnt think my spelling was that bad but im not worried :)
    your idea sounds great! im glad i got your creative juices flowing. this site is great for that! i am currently building another pallet piece but as soon as it is done i will make your idea! make sure you follow me to keep updated. i also have an instagram if you're on that.

    intagram: unexampled_designs

    its hard to create anything without the right toola. its taken me a while to slowly build up my tools.

    did you paint the boards yourself or were they already like this?
    looks really good!

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    some boards i did. some were already painted.the pine pallets i painted with jarrah stain to take the yellow away a bit.

    This actually looks well balanced and not flimsy or crummy. And, don't let anyone tell you about how you spell your words. I like it, it adds personality to your writing!

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    i really wanted my projects to he strong not flimsy. so thankyou!.
    ill take thay as a compliment. did i miss spell words?