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Introduction: Pallet Cabnet

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Step 1: Building the Base

first step was to build the base in which the cabnet will be based on.

Step 2: Building the Sides

once the base was done it was time to build the walls. i made each panel seperate. it was a bit hard to get them square since the pallets were all different thicknesses and shapes

Step 3: Putting on the Top

putting on the top of the cabnet wasnt too bad. just had to cute a bunch of timbers at the same length and then rip the last one down to get the desired width.

Step 4: Doors and Divider

building the divider was easy. a few measurements and then just nailing them in.
bulding the doors was the same. i divided the space and that became the door width. i found some old hinges to use for the doors and for the door knobs i found some old draw handles and knobs and used those

Step 5: Building the Shelf and Painting

the last part of the build was to put in a shelf which would house all the records which this build was designed for.
after that i stained the cabnet with a dark mahogany stain which i found. i then went over the top with a jarrah stain to bring some red through and also give some areas a totally different colour eg. the doors.

Step 6: Finished

lastly i went over with a few coats of gloss. then she was all done!

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4 years ago

I just became a member of the site and this is the first project I am going to try keep you updated :)


5 years ago

Beautiful project!! Thanks for sharing