Pallet Wood Fence




my pallet wood fence

Step 1:

this is my pallet wood fence all made with recycled wood and pallet wood wish i took more photos of me doing this but this is the only photo i have.

i first took the pallets and salvaged what i could from them as quite a few broke removing them i found using a bolster chisel works great to snap the nails clean off and use a nail punch to knock the head through the board.

i found some posts that my neighbor was throwing away after remodeling his garden so i used those and had some batons to put from post to post.

then attached the wood from the pallets using a block as a spacer and finished off with some on top to stop the rain getting into the end grain but also to make it look better and finished off with staining it with some dark oak Ronseal One Coat Fencelife.

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    5 years ago

    do you plain your wood, or use it fresh off the skid?