Panasonic Cd Player on and Off Switch




The on and off button on my panasonic cd player was reallly waked so I need a way to turn it off to save the batteries. I decided to put in a small switch and a different battery pack yo fix the problem

Step 1: Void Your Warranty

First you havd to locate the three screws that hold the case together and the plastic tabs. Take small flat head screw driver and break the tabs ( you don't need to worry about the tabs, the screws hold every thing ). The tabs are located in small slots around the disk space out side. The screws are really small, so put them in a safe place.

Step 2: Gather Your Items

You'll need a very small switch and a battery pack that holds two AA batteries.

Step 3: The Inside

This is what you should see inside minus the green wires and switch. Be careful, the hold swicth is not secured in, place it in a safe place too.

Step 4: Solder in the Power Cables

Solder two wires to the batery terminals and thred them under the battery case walls and out a pre-made hole.

Step 5: Batteries

Glue the battery case to the back and solder the wires to the correct wires comming out of the case. Put some electrical tape on the wires to make sure they don't short.

Step 6: Close Up

Put every thing back were it belongs and close up the case. Make sure that the cd reader is laying flat.



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    5 Discussions


    10 years ago on Introduction

    Wondering if you could help me alter a panasonic to disable some of the buttons (EQ, mode,memo). I want to limit how it can be used because i'm lending them to the public for an art project. Also, it seems when i stop the CD, then play again, it plays from where i stopped instead of from the beginning - annoying for what i'm doing with it. Would love it if you have any advice.

    1 reply

    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    uh, the best way to disable the buttons is to actually get rid of them, I've had good luck with layer a heavy duty epoxy on the button and them gluing the plastic button thing to the case but you would need a cd player that has buttons that do that and don't conflict with play, pause, stop. unless theres a setting that you can do to make it go from the beginning, its a programming thing and I don't think you can change it sadly. But you could create a small circuit that is wired into the switch and uses a mosfet or a better way to "click" the backwards button.


    12 years ago

    Does that battery pack bypass the original or can you now in effect use 4 batteries instead of just two?

    2 replies

    Reply 12 years ago

    No, the battery pack is connected to the original battery turminals. So I don't think you can use 4 batteries. I would have bypassed the old battery pack but I couldn't find were I coiuld do it.


    Reply 12 years ago

    The batteries are wired in series, you could add 4 batteries by wiring wiring them in parallel to the other two. I'm looking forward to posting a new addon now that adds 2 more. Thanks for getting me thinking.