Pannier Organizer (ver. 1)




Lately I've been experiencing a low-grade frustration with my bicycle pannier which  has turned into a bucket-o-chaos.  This instructable will document my first attempt to straighten it up a little.

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Step 1: Materials

remnants ($2.50)
stretch elastic ($2.79)
sticky a** glue
measuring tape
clothespins (as clamps)
sewing machine, thread

Step 2: Stiff Interior

cut out a cardboard shape that will fit inside the interior of the pannier.

I cut three such shapes out and glued them all together with wood glue.

Lay the glued boards down on some place flat, like the floor, lay a heavy object on top of that to keep it flattened while it sets up.

Step 3: Fabric Shell

create a fabric envelope for the cardboard interior by tracing around the outside of it onto the remnant.

Add a half to 3/4 inch margin all around to be the seam allowance

Step 4: Elastic Grabbers

I felt like improvising on this without a plan.  I decided to give it elastic stripes on one side which could be used as arbitrary grabbers for this and that.

Cut out strips of elastic to go along one side.  I alternated the elastic with one inch of exposed stripes, measured out with a ruler.

Attach the elastic to the seam along one side where marked.

Stretch the elastic across, lining up the ends with the markings on the other side seam.  Sew those down.

Step 5: Pockets on the Other Side

I went with some haphazard pockets on the other side with no regard for regularity.

Attach those to the side seams

Step 6: Sew Thick Envelope Together Carefully

Slowly sew the thick envelope together at the seam.
Invert rightside out
Try fitting the cardboard into it.

Step 7: Finish Outer Seam

next time, I will find a way to put the finish seam on the bottom.  I had a hard time getting a cosmetically acceptable finish on this seam on top here.  I ultimately glued a strip of fabric over it and went with that.

Step 8: Test Drive

test it out for general usability...

it's okay, but I have a better idea...

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    7 years ago on Step 4

    This iz soooooo cool!!!!!!!!!!!!! U would b famous if u sold this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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