Paper Aeroplane "aerodynamite"

This paper aeroplane is one of my own creations. One day I was trying out some of my  aeroplanes and this one was one of my favorite . This plane is for sure a dart. It normally won't stay in the air for longer than 6 or 7 seconds but can fly really far. I hope you like it.

Step 1: Basic Steps

Start out with just any piece of paper, it doesn't matter what size. Take the top right corner of the paper and fold it down to make a right angle triangle, unfold. Repeat on top left corner, unfold.

Step 2: Getting Harder

Now you should have a big x in the middle of your paper. Fold the paper in half so that the top right and left corners touch down to where the x goes off the paper, unfold. Flip over. Then fold the very top of the paper down to the crossing point of the x, unfold.

Step 3: Popping the Paper

This part is a little bit harder. Flip the paper back over . Now there should be two faint crossing points that both form an x at the top of your paper, push down the center of each x so that the paper will "pop up." Pull them in to form a long trapezoid and crease down the edges. Now flip the paper over again and press the middle of the large x so the sides will pop up again, pull them in to make a weird shaped diamond.

Step 4: Waffle Cone

Now fold the right and left sides in to the middle of the paper. Each side should look like a waffle cone and should have a little bit of the paper hanging off the edge. Now fold the paper in half and you should have a basic v for your aeroplane.

Step 5: Adding Wings

Now fold your waffle cones in half from the inside to the out. Make sure you do this on each side, because if you don't your aeroplane will only turn in one direction.

Step 6: Flying Your Plane

The wing should wrap around to the inside of your plane, then tape each wing to the right and left insides of your plane. When you throw the aeroplane make sure to throw it really hard and hold it near the midsection of the plane. If you wrap a piece of tape around the nose of the plane (optional) it will do spirals like no other. The tape helps support your plane's structure and keeps the plane from getting dents on the nose . Now that's your plane, have fun flying it.



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