Paper and Straw Rocket

Introduction: Paper and Straw Rocket

do you want to shoot off a rocket without having to go to nasa?
check out this instructable which will show you how to make a "straw rocket"

Step 1: Materials

the materials required for this Instructable project are: 2 soda bottles, 1 straw, paper plate, 2-5 feet of tubing, tape, paper, awl(something to make holes), hot glue + hot glue gun, scissors, other thing might be needed during the project

Step 2: Making Holy Bottle Caps

make 1 hole in each of the 2 bottle caps with the awe

Step 3: Assembly

make 2 holes in the plate one on the side and one on the top
now tape the top of the bottle to the center of the plate and thread the tube through the side of the plate to the center of the plate and then through the top of the plate and finnaly through the top half of the bottle and into the bottle cap so the tube goes right into the hole that was made in the bottle top and slip the straw on the tube (this will be what you will launch the rocket off of)

Step 4: Almost Done

now you should have a launch pad, bottle for propeltion, a length of tubing connecting the two. now all that you need to make now is the rocket itself and you should be done

for the rocket I would say you should roll a piece of paper around a straw (but make sure it is loose enough to fly off when it is launched) and tape the top to hold the pressure and when you are done the finished product should look something like this

you can add fins to make it look cool but make sure they are not very heavy

Step 5: You Are Done and Ready for Lift-off

now you can launch your rocket an unlimited amount of times

simply slip your rocket on the straw on the launch pad

I could not get any good pictures of it in flight

good luck and happy flying

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