Paper-art Doll-magnetic Attraction WonderWoman

Introduction: Paper-art Doll-magnetic Attraction WonderWoman

About: I am a mom,and grand mother. Who since able to walk, have been pulling things apart,just because. I design and come up with MAKE DO and USeful reuse ,designations for many things. SO many that its getting ou...

i created this 12 inch paper art doll,for a fund raiser.
First I designed , my dolls naked body and bald head. by sketching her,fully and then separated the body parts,by erasing, areas at knees and elbows.... then adding ,rounded edges.(this made the joint areas).
Before water coloring her ,I took scraps of 100 % cotton using white glue and a credit card to make things all neat when I ,laminated to card stock white paper. I used-red/white stripped-blue/white stars- and golden lame'(from a fancy napkin)
as the fabrics dried onto card stock......I water colored my adorable wonder woman...
all righty then now what to use for my lasso of truth ,red realistic boots, I went to my art studio,then sewing room... gathered more items..
back to the mess i was making in the living room!
Please understand what I do,is never planned ,I do as I go. how would I have her clothes removable? MAGNETS....ON THE DOLL,NO,on the dolls clothes, i glue gunned coiled wire AH HA! magnet on the black wood base,kinda tricky too,later i see magnet pulls clothes down i had to break magnet up... see ugly BLACK BASE WITH CHUNKS ON IT YEP THAT IS MY BIG SOLUTION... REPOSITION-busted up magnet...... glue gunned to base. TO attract properly photo!.

I had to make a wig,that fit looked right with tiara . I made several other changes and hats. I am quite proud of the tiny red boots with high heels (found on back of frame tiny levers you turn to hold photo in frame is heels..
I love designing and solving a need ...I hope you like her too.
The skirt velcro around her waist,see remember she is not attached to the base,the clothes hold her to the base via coiled wire and magnet. note the belt buckle and tiny key.......vest belt is scraps from broken wallet yes they are real leather as is her hat,it is held on by a metal fancy hair clip!

im done..i do not write well,sorry,

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I told yous I am not good with words or sequencing sorry I forgot to show the entire second clothes and hat argggggggggggg