Paper Balloon Paridise



Introduction: Paper Balloon Paridise

Paper balloon paridise is so great when it is raining you, can play a varity of diffrent games with it like baketball, soccer, volleyball, baseball, tennis, thertherball, and hockey. It's so fun you would forget it's even raining.

The suppllies you need are:

1. paper
2. you
3. air
4. shoebox or kleenx box
5. straw
6. net
7. goal
8. backboard

Now the important way to make it or steps are:

1. fold ito a tringle.
2. fold bottom up make sure it's even.
3. then you cut the bottom off.
4. open it up.
5. fold in half.
6. dosen't matter which way.
7. fold into a tringle.
8. find the corner were you folded the tringle.
9. flip over and do the same thing.
10. kind of a pyrimid.
11. fold the flips on both sides.
12. and try to make them as even and strait.
13. fold the corners into the side.
14. same thing to the other side.
15. try to make it as flat as posiable.
16. fold the corners into the sides.
17. the blow it up.

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