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Introduction: Paper Gift Bows/Ornaments

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This instructable will show you how to make your own paper bows to decorate your Christmas or birthday gifts so they look much more nicer !

Why pay for all those ribbons when you could do them without getting out of home and without paying a dime?! The only things you will need are Paper,Scissors,Glue and a bit of Time! Easy and simple its is, you'll never gonna buy them to the store anymore guaranteed!

This is only to show you the basics, but you can try with gift paper of like some people said in comments, try with magazines , it will look much better !
You can also take those scrap gift wrapping this Christmas, and reuse them later to make ribbons!

Merry Christmas!!

New Pictures and Video Coming soon!!

Step 1: Materials

This is the materials you will need to do some bows:

  • A regular Sheet of Paper (You can also try with gift wrapping, it looks better!)
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick

Step 2: Cut the Bands

Turn your sheet horizontally and cut 6 band of approximately 1.5cm wide and all sheet long.

Step 3: The Bands

These are the bands you will end up with. I kept 4 full length bands and I cut 2 others at the 3/4 of the length.The little band is the part that I cut from the 3/4 band.

You should end up with 7 bands...

Step 4: Fold the Bands

Fold all the bands in half, except for the smallest.

Step 5: Glue the Bands

Using your glue stick , glue the end of a band on each side of it

Step 6: Twist and Glue the Bands

Twist the band the side that you've just glue, to the centre (At your fold mark) You are gonna do this with all your other bands except with the shortest.

Step 7: Twist and Glue the Other Side

Twist and Glue the other side of the band to the centre like you did in the previous step.

Step 8: Repeat the Prev. Step

Repeat the previous step for all the other bands (Again, not with the shortest)

Step 9: Start the Assembling

Start the assembling of your bow. Put some glue under the centre of each of your full length band and stack them one on the others in a Flower-like shape .

Step 10: Continue the Assembling

Continue to glue together the long bands to form your flower-like shape.

Step 11: The 3/4 Bands Assembling

Now do the same thing with the smaller band, except that you only have 2 band, so you need to glue them in a ' +' shape.

Step 12: Make the Center

The last part of the bow is the centre ring, to make it, take the little bands and glue it in a circle.

Step 13: Glue the Top

Glue the circle (little band) on the second part (The part in the '+' shape)

Step 14: Final Assembling

Glue the 2 big parts together ( on each other)

That's it ! You've just finished your paper bow! You now simply have to glue/tape them on your Christmas or Birthday gifts and they will look a lot better!

Hope you enjoy !



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    21 Discussions

    and do u glue longest first or second longest first

    do u glue the outside or inside of the strips?

    Wow! These are cool looking! When i saw this 'ible, I made it immediately. They only take a few minutes!

    I made a rose of checkered paper from a school notebook. It looks GREAT! 
    It can be a good decor idea for a gift to a teacher.

    Thank you for posting this! I used magazines and holiday target books to make mine. They turned out fantastic, everyone really liked them. I know how I'm wrapping all my gifts from now! They look really cool with printed paper very colorful. Thanks!

    I'm currently in the process of making one out of the scraps or gift wrap. Nice idea!

    good instructible. save a bit of money from buying those annoying ribbon things and it looks a lot better to me too.

    this is AWESOME I am really going to do this im favoriting this for when christmas comes or when i need it xD dude you are AWESOME! love it xD and if u want u could make the last one (small band) a longer one and put it on a tree or hang it somewhere =D Sweet Christmas (for me) in july! xD

    When I read the topic, I immediately thought of the mythbusters episode where they made paper cross-bows. I thought you were making a paper bow as in bow and arrow! :) It looks like it would be really cool if you made the bow from the same wrapping paper, but only for a single gift. Could you imagine wrapping gifts for three children for Christmas, and making all those bows?

    1 reply

    Wow, this is great! I was just wondering how to do this. You could use wrapping paper, too! It would look fantastic! Thanks so much for this!

    1 reply