Paper Flower




Introduction: Paper Flower

About: i like paper work very much. so far i have collected many works, i want to share with you.


Paper flower was born in China. Around in the middle of West Han Dynasty, the chinese create the earliest meanful paper. Because of low quality and production, the paper is not suitable for folding. Thus in the history, there was not any records of folding paper work. Now follow me, and do beautiful paper flowers.

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Step 1: Step by Step

1. doouble over colored square paper

2. double over one more time left and right

3. cut from one side as the picture shown

4. expand the paper

5. stick two bias

6. make 6 more the same, and connect each three of them as petals

7. use green paper wrap the straw, as flower branch

8. cut the green paper in the shape of leaf, and double over

9. Finished. Stick the petals, branch and leaves.

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