Paper Flower Basket

Introduction: Paper Flower Basket

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These cute simple and easy paper flower baskets are ferfect as favors,kids crafts are to store craft items.

Step 1: How- To

supplies: Green and pink card stock papers here i used 8.5/11 in ), Glue, pencil, craft knife,scoring board

1. Draw the circle on green card stock and draw the petals according to the circle.

2.Here in pink card stock draw the circle and circular petals about 7 based on circle and cut with craft knife ( see the picture)

3.Place the green card stock paper with the petals apply glue on it and take the pink card stock paper and fold petals one on another glue them and place that on green card stock .

4. Finally make the 2 inch strip with scoring board and glue to the back sides of the pink flower and decorate with a small paper flower.

5. Tada paper flower basket is ready to use.



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