Paper Frog Generation: Instructable 1 Making the Frogs





Introduction: Paper Frog Generation: Instructable 1 Making the Frogs

    I'm starting to do instructables in "generations."  

These are the requirements of a generation:
-works on topic for 10 days
-at least 7 instructables.

This generation will show you fun games to play with paper frogs.

Step 1: Materials

-paper (card stock works best)
Cut the paper in to cards that are 2 by 3 inches.

Step 2: Making Frogs

Scroll through the pictures to see the steps. To know what step your on scroll over the yellow box.



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    Can u post those games u were talking about, I actually love using thes things during class

    and dude if you want some really good origami then go to that is a really good origami thats where i got most of my ideas.

    And paper note passing gluestick really? try oragami ninja trowing star