Paper Knex Target ( Ajustable Height )




Introduction: Paper Knex Target ( Ajustable Height )

i like destroying, fixing, making, altering, and customizing stuff. have really messy "workshop"...

tired of shooting walls? This is a sturdy knex target good for when you just made a gun and want to test it. you can test acuracy and strength, aswell as improving your accuracy, or for good old having fun!

20 (minimum)blue snap connectors
4 purple snap connectors
4 yellow/grey
9 orange/black

20 (minimum)grey
6 red/green
2 yellow/black
4 white

Step 1: Base

follow the pictures

Step 2: Hieght Extension (optional)

creat as many as you want, then attach them to the base.(I used three)

Step 3: Top Section

make these pieces

Step 4: Construct Top Section

put together the top section

Step 5: Construct

not realy much of a step, just add on the top section

Step 6: Setup the Target

put the paper your going to use as a target inbetween the yellow/grey connectors and put the yellow rods through the paper.

then push the white rods on the lower part of the top section through the paper. attach orange/black connectors to secure it.

Step 7: Finished!!

your done!! have fun playing target practice!! i've added a picture of my rifle im working on, should I post it??



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    rofl 6 paper sheets shooting :D went straight through XD

    one problem ive bult a sling shot and it needs a heftey target because it has 6 rilly big bands? so can you build one

    the whole point of this is a TARGET not a bullet stopper its for accuaracy training

    yeah but you cant draw a bullseye on a wall w/o getting in trouble if you put paper on the wall, the bullet doesnt go trough so you dont know what you got ~_~

    yes but you will still get in trouble for shooting through the paper at the wall!

    then put more paper behind it(?) then you can test how many it can go through. i think "aopp"is a good way to test power on knex guns. (amount of paper penetrated)

    that rifle is wicked! have u posted it yet? if not, then u should, its well awesome!

    i just use my walls. i determine if a gun is good or not by firing a yellow or red rod with a black ball connector at my wall. if it is a good gun it will leave a mark of about half of the circle. and okay gun is a quarter, and a crappy gun is nothing at all. mind you, it does destroy the wall, so i use the wall that is covered by my cupboards.

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    coming soon hopefully for Christmas. for some real pictures go to my orange board and check it out.

    the gun is sick! its like a g36 and the target helps a lot too.

    I already have

    its cool the target is cool too