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About: im a kid who really likes here at INSTRUCTABLES.

 I read a lot of comics and the best comic i liked was the joker (art inspired by Lee Bermejo) so my mom told me about the contest
on intructables and i decided to make a paper mache joker mask. This is my first instructable so i hope you like it.
Here are some things you will need:
- two cups of flour

- two cups of water

- newspaper cut into strips

- paint and paintbrush (the type of colors you need is red,white,and black)

- a knife or scissors to cut out the eyes and mouth
- bowl

- paper towel

- mask (i used guy fawkes mask from v for vendetta for the model)

-  a pencil

- black makeup (eye shadow)

- and string or elastic 

Step 1: Making the Glue

First take the two cups of flour and pour it in a bowl. Then take the two cups of water and pour it in with the flour. Stir it with a spoon and it will look like a slightly creamy mixture.
i used this video for help:

Step 2: Making the Mask

Take the strips of newspaper and dip it in the glue and then take your middle finger and pointer finger and slide your hand through the newspaper then lay the newspaper on the mask. Cover the whole mask. Wait 24 hours and then put another layer on. ( I suggest using 4 layers). 
at the end of the video in the first step it shows you how to do this.

Step 3: Making the Cuts Around the Mouth

You will only need a little pieces of newspaper and a little bit of glue. First dip the newspaper in the glue then lay the paper on the side of his mouth and crumble the paper a little bit. After you did that then let it dry for 24 hours.

Step 4: Painting the Mask

The first thing i did was paint the mask white. I would put at least 3 coats of white paint on it. Then i painted the eyes black. I first made the eye brow then i painted it up to the eye brow . For the mouth i painted over the cuts in red paint. Make sure you paint in the creases of the cuts.

Step 5: Shading

I took my mom's black eye shadow and shaded around the eyes and under the eyes and nose. First i took the black makeup and the paper towel then i dipped the paper towel in water so it was damp then i rubbed the paper towel in the makeup and i dabbed it on the mask so it would be scary. 

Step 6: Forehead Creases

I took a pencil and i looked in the book  to see where the creases were so what i did was draw light lines in pencil and smudged it a bit.

Step 7: Elastic Band

you will need safety pins, an elastic band,and scissors. What i did was i used a cutting board under the mask and i poked a hole on the side of the mask and stuck the elastic in the hole and pinned it together and i adjusted it a couple of times to fit my head.

Step 8: Thanks

i would like to thank my mom for helping me out with taking some of the photos and with the speech bubble.

thank you for reading this. I hope you like it. 



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    Waldemar Sha

    1 year ago

    Is that Texas Chainsaw Massacre type of Joker?