Paper Missles




Introduction: Paper Missles

me and my mates where messing around in maths and we got this great idea

Step 1: Step One:materials

you will need
paper as much as you want
paper clips
and elastic band

Step 2: Step 1

first rip off a strip of paper

Step 3: Step 3

now unbend the paper clip and measure it to the with the shirt side of the paper make sure it go's all the way across then u can eather use some wire cutters or bend it to brake it then u have to fold it so the paper clip part is on the inside of the paper and then you should have it then all you do is bend it then get your elastic band and fire away

i will not be held responsible for any one who harms some one because this thing can hurt you if it hit you in the eye that is the only dangerous place so please use it wisely and aim for there back or body's not the head only aim at people you know and are playing with not animals



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    weve been doing this on mi school bus for like 4 years, so u and ur mates didnt make it up.
    nice instructable, though

    i put paper clips sticking out the front that the person gets hit with i one time got a kid so good the next day he had a square scar all with small circles

    if you make them the right size you can put staples on the end. then they become killer wasps. Not saying you should though(disclaimer).

    My school they were "Paper Wasps" but we preferred used rivets bent at 90 degrees, at least till someone got hurt.....

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    i got suspended from st.xaviers for using these and putting razor blades from sharpners on them.i usaly shoot at my teachers coup bord when she is writing on the bord.but she happend to step in the way and it hit her in the leg.and my dad had to pay for the the teachers septic shots because the blade was rusted!!!

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    make em really small or if you wana b rlly mean u can put some amonium nitrate(make sure its very dry)in the tip and shoot for an explosive result :)

    In my school these got banned because ppl got hit in the eye

    At my school we fold the paper and then put two staples in it and bend it. Short chunks of straw work too.

    yah we make these in our school, but we call them hornets. we dont use paperclips either. We just fold up the paper.

    I make these all the time and shoot kids at school but i havnt thought of putting metal in them

    nice work dude but instead of using the stick to wrap it up use electrical wire and then wrap electrical tape around the wire fold it and then see what happens just think about it OK. p.s this comment will self destruct in 5..4..3..2.. damit my watch broke

    yeah, at my school we call them Paper Hornets but we use these, bobby pins, pen hooks, carpentry staples :-P, and what ever we can get our hands on lol! but i have never used the paper ones that have a reinforce metal strip in the middle(goda try it!) goda make me some for when school starts back up! >:-D

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    ouch gots to hurt... i made my own today and i made it from medel carpet stapels and paper and paper clips - i made like 80 of them..ther very useful lol just kidding