Paperclip Creature




Introduction: Paperclip Creature

this is my first instructible!!! i saw imaginary's paperclip monster!!! (found @ this url!!!!/ )
i thought it looked too mutch like a i made this kinda looks like a know...a praying mantis. xD

(DISCLAIMER: I cannot be held responsible for this thing coming to life at night and eating (or killing) people...j/k....or is it?)

sry for the blurry picks.

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Step 1: Matierials

i used...
1 pair of nedle-nosed pliers
1 large paperclip
6-10 small paperclips

last pic is just for size diference :)

Step 2: The Feet!

unbend all of the paperclips...then bend the large one's ends around to make the feet.
bend in half, so it looks like the second pic.

Step 3: The Chest.

wrap a smaller paperclip around the larger ono to make the torso, then wrap another small clip around it to make it stand up.

Step 4: Heads Up! XD

bend a paperclip in half to make a V shape, then form the horns! (or antena...whatever.)
attatch the head to the bodydy bending the top of the cheast peice around the base of the horns/antena.
wrap a clir around the head & give him a bottom jaw.

Step 5: Give Him a Hand!!!

bend another small clip into a V-shape and push it through the body. (where the arms should be positioned)
then wrap another clip around the arms and the bodyto hold them in place.
then bend the arms at the elbow and the wrist!
only thing left to do is set him loose on the citezens of tokio!!!
lol j/k

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    These look really cool except you should use the macro setting on your camera because the close-ups are blurry


    10 years ago on Introduction

    Hahaha, I used to do this with twist-ties in the cafeteria of my school. I still have a collection back home.