Paracord Banana Hammock




i've seen a few instructables on paracord hammocks but none of this type which in my opinion is the most comfortable

Step 1: Tools and Matereals

first (for the cutting and fusing) you will need:

  • about 300 feet of paracord
  • a tape measure
  • burner of some kind (lighter or a cool homemade liquid burning torch like the one shown)
  • a knife (not shown)

afterwards you will need:

  • a piece of PVC (not necessarily needed but it makes it a ton easier)
  • time and patience


Step 2: Cutting

measure and cut 24 15-20 foot pieces of paracord and fuse the ends

Step 3: Get Knotty

put one end of all the strands in a loop, then place them on a piece of PVC and find a way to hang it from the ceiling (not necessarily required but it does make it easier) it put it between 2 removable ceiling panels then tie a bunch of overhand knots with both strings at the same time in a line across the strands then do it again in another row

Step 4: More Knots!

i know your probably sick of this by now but you need one more line of knots, at the very end of the strands tie a row of loops like you did at the top

Step 5: Hang and Enjoy!

thread a piece of rope or more paracord through the loops on the ends and hang it up

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    2 years ago

    Very cool, attempting it now. Just one note for those who are prepping for this project, you will need more than 300 ft. 24 strands of 15 ft minimum 24*15= at least 360 ft.


    2 years ago

    Does it matter if it comes from one big spool of paracord or could it come from three packs of 100 ft

    1 reply

    4 years ago on Introduction

    Could you please provide some more details? I am trying to make one for myself and I don't know how exactly you put this together.

    I made each strand of paracord about 17 feet, and it looks like I can hang it across the English Channel, and I don't know about the sides, because I see some hammocks with a ridge line going down each side to hold you in, and I fail to see how that is accomplished in this design.

    Mind you this is not a criticism in any way, I would just appreciate some clarification.

    2 replies
    my wookieHalphinian

    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    the ridge is formed after you get in it, since paracord is made of nylon it stretches a bit so when you lay in it the middle sinks. you make it flat and then once you've laid in it for about 15 minutes or so the paracord kind of holds its shape

    i would take pictures, but its to dark outside right now