Paracord Bracelet

-paracord ( multiple colors)
-a lighter
-tape measure

Step 1: Get Materials

gather materials to begin the bracelet

Step 2: Cut Paracord. 2 Strands 40 Inches.

using a tape measure, measure the paracord to 40 inches and then cut it.

Step 3: Use Lighter to Burn the Ends of the Cord So That It Doesnt Fray Up.

use the lighter to burn the ends of the cord.

Step 4: Feed Paracord Through Buckle Loop

it is easiest to do this by folding the cord and then pushing the fold through the buckle.

Step 5: Continue Through the Buckle Until 7 Inches of the Gold Cord Has Gone Through and 9 Inches of the Maroon Cord Has Gone Through.(this Will Be the Length of the Bracelet.)

Step 6: Feed the Maroon Cord Through the Other Half of the Buckle.

Step 7: Push Up the Buckle to Where the Gold Rope Ends

Step 8: Loop the Extra 2 Inches of Gold Cord Through the Second Buckle to Create a Loop.

Step 9: Put the First Buckle Through the Loop You Just Created. Pull It All the Way Through.

Step 10: Pull the Rope Tight to Create a Knot on the Buckle.

Step 11: Start the Pattern.

Step 12: Continue Pattern Until Bracelet Is Finished.

to continue the pattern you do the same thing shown in the previous step multiple time to continue making the bracelet longer. each time you complete the step you want to make sure that you pull it tight in order to keep the bracelet looking professional. 



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    6 Discussions


    4 years ago

    Thanks for this, very helpful on making a two colour bracelet. I was wondering if at step eight you mean the maroon cord that goes through the second buckle, not the gold one, since that's the longer of the two and also what the photo seems to suggest.


    4 years ago

    Go noles


    4 years ago

    you can get it from Wal-Mart


    5 years ago on Introduction

    That's pretty cool. My friend makes those and I bought one from him.


    5 years ago

    Where did u get the para cord? Scout camp is good, but only go a few times a year anyway.