Paracord Phone Pocket

when i put my handphone in my pants, i'm afraid for the screen scratch, because there is always a sharp good like key. this pocket will prevent your phone screen from scratch

Step 1: Material

the material is 3 pcs of cord with 5 meter length. green buckle, lighter, scissor, and phone case for reference.
and will better if you have wire for inner frame.

Step 2: Side Section

i will make the pocket from the side first.
1. cut blue cord, the length is 2,5 of phone area, and burn the end of cord.
2. cut dark green cord, the length is four of blue cord. burn the end. then, connect the buckle and that two cord as like as the picture no.2.
3. start weaving, the weaving linstruction show on picture no.3.,
4. repeat instruction no.3 till the cord has around the phone.
5. to finish the cord, look at picture no.5.

Step 3: Tips

Before go to front and back section, i have a tips for a stronger pocket, i have a suggestion to put a wire in a pocket
1. cut the wire, the length is the length of three phone side.
2. put the wire through the cord straight, same like blue cord.
3. cut the wire scrap.
note: make sure the wire in safe position and not touch the phone.

Step 4: Front Section

1. cut the cord and end like at the picture no.1
2. start weaving through the horizontal hole.
3. after finish front section, don't cut the cord, but start weaving for the back section on top like picture no.3
4. after finish back section, end the cord, cut, and burn the end.
5. now, start weaving through the vertical hole.

Step 5: Finish

the phone pocket has made, i wait for any suggestion, comment.

thank you to read this tutorial,,

greetings from Indonesia..



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    4 years ago

    I have a Flea Market booth and have found if I put the phone down in plain sight when helping a customer, it's likely to be stolen, but if I quickly hide it, it's likely to take a lng time to find it. Your case would be easy to add a hook. Tkank you.

    1 reply

    Reply 4 years ago

    yes, you're welcome, i glad to hear that.