Paracord Stop-motion Snake

Introduction: Paracord Stop-motion Snake

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in this instructable i am going to make a paracord snake . than i will do a piece about how to make a simple stop-motion video on your phone . ( i am not sponsored or anything i just like what picpac is making ) i hope you like it and don`t forget to subscribe

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Step 1: Prepare the Paracord

I used red/black paracord but you can use any kind of paracord as long as you can easily pull out the white nylon core. To cut the rope to size i used the formula 5 cm + the length that you want for the tale . I used a bendable metal cord as a replacement for the white nylon. To keep the metal from sliding out i burned the ends this also stops it from unraveling .

Step 2: Bend the Paracord

to make the head i bend the rope in to a m (for the eyes) than i band 2 stacked u`s (for the mouth) the rest of the snake can be however you want it . i also pasted the eyes on

Step 3: Stop Motion

to make the video you need 2 things a stop-motion app (i used picpac ) and some ``actors`` .You need to make a lot of pictures so make sure you have enough empty memory left on your phone .

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