Part Three: How to Create the Queen's Dolls House Strong Room

Display Stand

What you’ll need:

Shop /Garden Display Shelves 4227
Timber Length 5996
Tenon saw / Mitre block
Pencil/ ruler
A hot Glue Gun

Step 1:

To make the display shelves look more like the original display stand in Queen's Dolls’ House I had to slightly adapt The Shop /Garden Display Shelves 4227 by adding a deeper shelf.

I did this by cutting two pieces of the Timber Length 5996 to the width of the display shelves, placing one piece to the front of the shelves and one piece in the middle. This made the shelf in the middle deeper.

Step 2:

Next I stuck The Shop /Garden Display Shelves 4227 on to the exposed “Earth“ Self-Adhesive Sheet 7312, making sure the front of the display shelves was a single piece of sheet to give it a neater finish.

To finish off the sides, I cut the side section of the “Earth“ Self-Adhesive Sheet 7312 with a pair of scissors, keeping it to the width of the shelves.

I then stuck the side down, placing the top two smaller sections down first, allowing the bigger two sections at the bottom to cover the smaller pieces, then once it was all stuck down nice and neatly I trimmed down any excess “Earth“ Self-Adhesive Sheet 7312 to complete the side sections.

I repeated the same process on the other side, as you can see from the image below that I didn’t cover the back as I felt there was no need for this display.

Well Done! Your Strong room display table is now complete and ready to decorate

Step 3:

Have fun finishing it off with our New Crown sets; Imperial State Crown 6376, The British Souvenir Crown Set 6406 and St Edwards Crown 6408



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