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Introduction: Patch a Cable

here is how to patch a broken cable or switch to an angled jack on instrument cables. im actually making this because some dude from face book asked me how.

Step 1: Requirements

you will need instrument cable, wire strippers a soldering iron, solder and a jack. here i used a cheap old school 1/4 inch jack.

Step 2: Cut

cut cable at the end or desolder previous jack. if you are patching the cable make sure you use a multimeter to check if there is stil a connection because the fault may lie somewhere else on the cable and not on the jack.

Step 3:

strip the cable with the wire strippers.

Step 4:

with your soldering iron solder the wire. the exposed wire will be soldered to the casing of the jack and the wire that is still insulated will be soldered to the tip tab. which in this case its in the center. noticed the red stuff is heat shrink, i used to prevent the ground wire from touching the tip wire.

Step 5:

close it up and your done. i did to both side of this cable.

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