Peacock and Pink Flamingo Costume

two costume created from thrift dresses with full, shortened skirts and sequinned tops.   sequins were hot glued to tops of dresses, followed by small caribou featherd boas as trim.  the skirts were shortened, and hemmed with coat-hangar wire inserted into hem to create a hoop-skirt, then10 large feather boas were each wrapped around the skirts and hot glued to fabric,  one long feather boa was folded in half and twined to create a birds neck, one end sewn to front of skirt, other end hot glued to foam sculped birds head, (which was covered with leftover feathers from boas), eyes and beaks covered in felt and more glitter and sequins, then 18 inch dowel forced thru foam head and adhered with LOTS of hot glue.  large ostrich feathers were sewn and hot glued to sides of skirt under the boa feathers.A large "fan" of feathers were made from cardboard half moon hot glued to bent wire coat hangar, covered in felt, with large pink ostrich feathers for flamingo (peacock feathers for peacock) and tied with a ribbon to the waist.



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    6 years ago on Introduction

    All the smaller feathers are hot glued to a "hoop skirt" frame. the feathers are actually 10 feather boas glued to the skirt in a corkscrew pattern from the top edge of the skirt to the glue held up VERY well! the larger feathers-for the sides and tail- were large ostrich feathers individually hot glued to the sides and back until it "looked right".
    the peacock feather tail is separate...see photo of tail worn around the shoulders...just a cardboard half-circle with lots of colored feathers and peacock plumes, and used a couple coat hanger wires to form a frame to hold the shape of the circle...and to make it hold the shape and something to attach a ribbon to. The ribbon ties over the shoulders, under the armpits and connects to the back....for the tail to attach to the skirt, another ribbon was threaded thru the cardboard 1/3 from both ends, and just tied to the waist!
    hope this helps!


    6 years ago on Introduction

    Beautiful! Would have loved to see step by step instructions, but at least I get the general idea. Could you post pictures of the back of the outfits, so I have a better idea of how all the feathers are attached. You ladies look AMAZING!

    Dream Dragon

    6 years ago on Introduction

    These are really nice (and the girls are nice too of course), and being of a technical mind I'd love to see the peacock tail be able to raise and do a full spread...

    Lovely work.