"peed Your Pants" Prank





Introduction: "peed Your Pants" Prank


Today I'll learn a cool prank so that it looks like your friend peed his pants.

Step 1: What You Need:

You'll need:

- A paper or a funnel
- A penny or something small that you can keep on your head
- Water

Step 2: The Paper Funnel

If your using a normal funnel, skip this part.

Otherwise, roll up your paper in to a funnel-like shape, like shown.

Step 3: The Actual Prank

Ask the person you want to prank to put the funnel in his/her pants and put the penny on their forehead. The challenge is that they get the penny in the funnel. Let them try a few times, so that you don't look too suspicious. When the time comes, you pour the water in the funnel, and it will look like they peed their pants.

* Do this in an area where there aren't any extra pants, like at your home, so that they'll have to walk around with it. Great places: The office, school, at a friends house,...
*If your really, really mean, use something sticky like coke, lemonade,...



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      15 Discussions

      That's so mean and genius! I have to try!

      I just peed my pants laughing, so it's like I pranked myself. Can I say that on ??



      nice, but a bit heartless, don't you think?